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Oh glory

Having spent a couple of days at a conference with amazing worship at the forefront, I was again reminded of what I see as an interesting trend in worship songwriting.

There have always been trends in worship and in songwriting...the are alwys seasons...and I think that is ok and even good. At some point in the last two years or so the word "glorious" has been the catch word for new worship tunes. (everything glorious, glorious ones, my glorious...etc.) I love these songs...but whatever 'freshness' this word to laud the glory of God carried is slipping for me...

...so...if you are writing a new worship tune and the word glorious has found its way to the title...help a guy out and give it another look.

Songwriting for worship is such an interesting thing. We are pulling from a pool of themes that may feel limited, and we are writing for congregational consumption. But I really think we have to constantly be challenging ourselves to not settle for the canned lyrics that often come more naturally. (I say this as the chief of canned lyric sinners.) Let's work hard for God honoring lyrics that give the church fresh and current expressions of the worship to an eternal God.

There's always the old technique, too, of just putting Scripture itself to music. A lot of old songs did this, but there are more than a few contemporary songs that do this as well.

If God's Word is losing its freshness, then try a different book or a different translation. It still comes alive for me!

10,716 days

I totally agree with you tim. Most of my songwriting comes straight from scripture. That is absolutely the best place for worship to begin.

By no means do I mean to imply that God's word can lose its "freshness." Maybe that is one of the challenges in worship today. That sometimes words and phrases that are truly God honoring...have become cliche' and are used as cliche'.

My hope is not to avoid using Scripture...but rather to not just use words that everyone else is using...because they sound neat. Worship songwriters must be students of the word and lovers of Jesus, and I believe passionate about communicating those truths in ways taht make sense to those who will hear, sing, and respond to God with our songs.

I think that glorious thing came out of last years Passion Conference, I know that the theme was Glorious God. I believe that Louie Giglio asked the worship leaders prior to coming to write to this theme hence all of the songs with glorious (Everything Glorious, Glorious Over Us, etc...) It will probably happen again this year. Probably something related to Isaiah 26:8

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