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Having a Baby Makes You Pray

PrayerI was talking with a women from our church a little while ago who is really the back bone of some really important areas.  She and her husband are so amazing in the way that they give of their time, their home, and their resources to what God is doing in our church. 

Well they just had a baby...and if any of you know what kind of havoc that can bring to your normal routines...well...

They have been taking time off to adjust to a zone defense for parenting, and help their prematurely born son grow a bit bigger.  I was talking with this woman though and she was lamenting about how she couldn't serve.  Holy cow!  You don't hear that everyday....but then she said something that has been sticking in my brain. 

She said it has been good for her because it has forced her to just be able to pray...that was all she could do...but in reality that is what we have needed most right now in this season of our church.  Sometimes I wish that I would have a baby so I had to stop and just pray...well not really...but you know what I mean. 

Slowing down and listening and praying...