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reach between the prickles

Had a great conversation with a guy today who to be honest sometimes comes off as a bit prickley. There is a soft heart under those prickles...but sometimes there is stabbing that happens as you try to get there.

But I'm learning that it is totally worth the stabbing, because the heart underneath is good.

Ministry is about people, and as we take risks in diving into life with people in real ways, we learn how to shed the prickley parts of us and be real with those around us....

continuing in this wonderful metaphoric language…would it be better to have the good heart without the prickles? should we help others shed their prickles?

absolutely! my thought was left a bit incomplete perhaps...i think the struggle is when we find others with prickles...many times we cast them aside and don't get to the heart...when you don't deal with the heart the prickles stay...deal with the heart...you get stabbed at first but eventually the prickles get shed...

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