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Good Monsters Review

Just picked up the new Jars. Holy Cow! It took me a while to admit that these guys were my favorite band...like 3 albums...but they definitely are at the top of my list.

Good Monsters is typical Jars...but in a good way. It has those musical markers that remind you it is the same guys playing, but yet again they have reinventerd their sound in some really fun ways.

Right out of the gate they start with a driving electric sound that perks up your ears...and my ears stayed perked right through the rest of the album. Leigh Nash of Sixpence fame makes an appearance on Mirrors & Smoke, that reminded me a bit of the rootsy vibe they had on Redemption Songs...but they certainly don't stay there.

Good stuff...buy it.

Leigh Nash is good. And she has a new solo project out. And I don't understand the good monsters song. Is it some sort of reformed thing?

yeah I've always liked Leigh and sixpence...I was bummed when they broke up and just recently saw that she has an album out...have you heard it?

I haven't listened closely enough to good monsters to have a good answer for that...it is a bit strange...sounds more political than reformed...hmm

I think Good Monsters is very Wesleyan, affirming the image of God in all of us, right alongside depravity. It's only as we stay connected to God that we don't sink back into depravity. It's a warning: remember who you are in Christ and who you were apart from him.

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