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Born Again Baldwin

Just saw an interview with Stephen Baldwin on the Today Show about his faith. It was really great. He was so bold about how Jesus has changed his life and he brought everything that he talked about back to the Bible. He even challenged Bono to share the gospel during his concerts. Amazing stuff!

Its exciting to see such high profile and passionate words about the life changing love of Jesus. You can catch the story here.

He can also be a little scary...a friend just sent me a link where he talks about "kicking ass" for the kingdom and how he'd like to eat spicy Jesus rolls with Tom Cruise. My friend, who I don't think is a believer, was confused... :) I wrote her back and said that if you're kind of nuts before you're a christian, your life may totally change, but your personality stil may be totally nuts...

yeah totally...i agree...he was even a bit nuts in the interview...but he was at the very least clear that Christ had saved him...that i admired...nuts and all. :-)

Yeah, I do like that someone in hollywood is speaking out. And really, who am I to be speaking out? I mean, I'm crazy too. Just maybe not Spicy Jesus Roll crazy... Also--neither you nor Ginny have posted pics of her visit and I want to see some!! Grr..

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