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props to dell

I'm totally ready to make the switch to a mac, but alas my wallet is not quite so ready to make that switch so for now my dell laptop is my life.

Lately though I've been hating it. We use this laptop for all of our media at our church and well...its been flaking....which only increased my mac lust.

I called Dell yesterday to inquire about my problems...flickering external monitor...not so good for a media heavy church...and after a painful 40 minute conversation with tech support they came through with flying colors!!

I reported my problem to them mid-day yesterday, and by noon today I had a tech in my house replacing both my mother board and video card. Holy Cow!! I guess the exended warrenty was worth it. :-)

that's awesome! if it makes you feel better i have a mac and it's been flaking out on me lately...and my h and n keys are gone...

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