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My Trip Out of the Plane

Ben has a great post about what this month has been like at History. It has been an amazing season of God renewing and birthing new evangelistic vision. I'm praying that it will only continue into the fall...great stuff is in store.

Yesterday was an interesting day...we tried some new stuff with our worship team. Just some out of the box arrangements for us...it went pretty well over all, but it seemed to throw me all out of sorts. I really struggled to stay mentally "on point" and felt like I stumbled through the service.

Ben's message though was really great and was so encouraging and faith building for me...so that was a help...

Then the evening came....wow what a night!! Tricia and I had some members of our small group and some of our neighbors who don't attend church over to our house. I was a bit nervouse about numbers as some of our small group was out of town, but it ended up being the perfect number of people and balance for the group that was there. It was such a fun and natural environment, and I think everyone had an amazing time.

I was so proud of the folks from our group...they were so outgoing and welcoming, and really tilled the soil of the hearts of our neighbors. I was also really blessed by the reverse hospitality of our neighbors as they offered extra chairs, and took time out to entertain all of our children...I was so psyched about the whole night.

We did get to share a bit about our church with one of couples who is really new to our neighborhood. I was so excited, and pray that there will be some fruit from that conversation. I was also excited as one of our friends from church talked afterward how helpful it was for him to see a different form of relational evangelism in action. sweet...that's what this deal is all about!