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Had an awesome time with my team in Va Beach. There is nothing like getting away with people to provide focus and comradery. I'm so excited for what God has in store for us next. The worship time was incredible and there was a real sense of God moving through the music and through Ben's message.

My message on Sunday went well. I felt like God spoke through me and I didn't speak too much heresy. :) I was excited because there were some people who are a bit on the margins in our church and they seemed very engaged...awesome!!

The whole weekend kicked my butt...I'm old. I took yesterday off and just hung with my girls...a much needed break.

This week I'm learnin' songs for a program we are doing at a local town center called Songs and Jokes for Little Cow Pokes. Tons...I mean tons of moms and kids come out to events like this in the summer...I'm so excited to be able to serve them in this way, and to get the word out about our church.