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Weekend Update

Had a great weekend this week.  We had a full house for this time in the summer, and a lot of teenagers back from YL camp.  God has really blessed our church with a ton of YL students.  It exciting to see them come back from such an intense time with God and have a desire to get involved in a local church.  I pray that we will be effective in seeing them become mature disciples of Christ into adulthood. 

With all these teenagers sometimes comes parents.  Two fathers gaver their lives to Christ at History this weekend.  That is why I'm in this thing.

The message was really good.  Ben has been preaching from the life of Jacob and has had some amazing insites...check them out here. Worship was great.  The congregation was so responsive, and the band nailed every song.  We did one new song during communion that I think is becoming a favorite of mine: Let Us Love Sing and Wonder.  It is an old 18th century hymn that Jars of Clay did on their Redemption SongsRedemption Songs cd.  The band did a great arrangement of it.

Finally got the final edit of the music for the History commercial.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I discovered that writing 30 seconds of music that is meant to blend into the background is tough stuff...huge thanks to David and Jesse for knocking this one out of the park!  Ben posted a link to the mp3 on his blog.

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it sounds good man.

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