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tools of the trade

Jeff inspired me to speak out. I'm passionate about this pencil:
It is a Pentel Twist Erase...the greatest mechanical pencil ever. Just read this:
Featuring a rubber grip for non-stop writing comfort. New and improved twist barrel to advance and retract oversized eraser. Produces a smooth, crisp line with dark imprint for easy reading. Jumbo eraser is larger than all ordinary pencil erasers. Ideal for office, home, and school.
Its my conviction that a pencil is only as good as its eraser. (insert spiritual analogy here) And that makes this pencil hands down the best you will put your hands on. Go pick one up and try it out.

Pencils?... Pens are about commitment, making bold strokes, being daring, color! C'mon!!! =)

dang ben. just when i had decided on the perfect pencil to order...now i am all flustered and unsure what to do.

pencils are about shading, smooth lines, grays, redemption...all wonderful things...pens, well... :-)

jeff...don't be swayed...embrace the pentel twist erase...for the love of ugly scribbles!! :-)

Dang! "Redemption" -- I can't believe you threw that in there! That's low!! =)

works every time... ;)

words cannot express

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