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set list 07.09.06

It was so good to be back on Sunday. History is such an amazing church, and I really love what I do, so its tough to be away...though I have to admit...a week in OC wasn't ALL THAT BAD. :-)

The team did great, we had a last minute issue with our bass player, and I had to call on one of our guitar players to step in and play bass for this week. He hadn't acutally ever played bass, but you wouldn't have known it. He did an amazing job. When I found out the situation we were in, I made sure to choose songs that were very familiar and had some fairly easy bass lines. Its important as worship leaders that we set our teams up for success whatever the circumstances may be.

Here's what we did:
No One Like You
Blessed Be Your Name
Marvelous Light
Wholly Yours
This was an acoustic version during the offering...this week we'll add in the full band and give it a bit of punch.
There Must Be More Than This (Consuming Fire)
I enjoyed doing this one after seeing Tim Hughes play it last week.