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an inconvenient truth

We had a great weekend.

Before we moved up here to Northern Va, we really prayed that God would plant us in a community where we could form real relationships with the people in our neighborhood. God totally answered that prayer and last night we had a wonderful time out with our next door neighbors and a group of their friends. It was fun to just be out with my wife, but it was also fun to be out with new friends as well.

Our neighbors aren't Christians, and it was such cool thing to be invited into their community of friends and that not be a weird thing...I know that sounds silly, but people get all squirrelly when it comes to issues of faith. Tricia and I pray for them regularly, that God would bless their family, and that they would see the love of Jesus in us.

I got to meet one of their good friends and we had a really interesting conversation. He just recently came from a viewing of Al Gore's new film, An Inconvenient Truth, and was so moved by it that he bought 100 tickets at $7.50 a pop to give to his friends in hopes of getting more people passionate about the issue of global warming. He said, "if something is wrong at home you just have to take care of it...there is something wrong with our home."

I was so struck by his passion. It was a great glimpse into the things that move our culture today. It reminded me that when people really care about something...when they are personally invested...when it is a personal crisis...they are moved to do great things.

If we could be like this in the church. If we could see the hurt and need for Christ in peoples' lives as a truly a crisis...we could be moved to great boldness, sacrifice, and effectiveness...and even beyond that we are offered the power of the living Christ...that would make some noise...

word of the day: squirrelly.

and dude, you are on a role with your blog these days. good work.

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