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set list 06.18.06

This past Sunday was Man Day at History. It was great fun, and Ben gave a challenging message to our men about preserving their integrity. Worship went well over all, but we did have a rough go of it technically. We were a bit short staffed with some of our volunteers out on vacation, etc so I had a couple of my guys spread really thin...they did awesome considering all they had to do! (thanks Ed!!)

I learned some good lessons on the technical side of things and will be implementing some safe guards to try and simplify some steps for our volunteers. I am learning over and over that assumption is a killer in technical areas. We need to make sure that things are really clear for the folks that are working hard behind the scenes. It makes our lives and theirs so much easier.
Here was our set:

Musical Intro
No One Like You - Crowder

Break for folks to get ribs (thanks Julie!!) and root beer. There was also a nacho cheese fountain... (you rock Ally!)

Everyday - Hillsong United
King of Glory - Chris Tomlin

From the Inside Out - Hillsong United
This came right after the message. This is fast becoming a favorite with the band and with our church.

Overall this week was kind of tough for me...I get easily distracted by little things, but I did get great feedback from the folks that came, and I saw so many fathers there that didn't normally attend church that it really makes it all worth it. Many of them responded so well to the fact that we went out of our way to make them feel special.

Funny how much a guy in a nascar uniform on the back of a truck handing out root beer from a baby pool can communicate the love of Christ... :-)

dude, sunday was good. this is true.

and the best part about technical glitches is that the people usually have no idea that anything went wrong.

one time i made a video for this ministry...and after i showed a medium-quality preview to the ministry leader, she said to me: "I like that jumpy effect you did on those pictures...that is really cool."

in case you don't know: 'jumpy effect' is never good. (ie: unrendered filters, etc.) And it is DEFINITELY never cool. But I guess she didn't know that.

so i smiled and said thank you.

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