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set list 06.11.06

This past Sunday was great! I was so proud of our team. Jesse our electric guitar player broke a string at the very beginning of the second song, but he didn't miss a beat, and not many in the congregation even noticed.

We also added a second electric guitar this week. A college student who is home for the summer has been coming to rehearsals, and this was his first week on the team. He did a great job playing on the team, and then did an amazing rewrite and cover of "crazy" by seal during our offering time. I get the most satisfaction as a leader when I see guys on my team stepping out and flourishing!

Here was our set for this week:

"Crazy" - Seal (This was just a short instrumental teaser for what was to come)
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
No One Like You - David Crowder
Speak It Out - Matt Morgan

"Crazy" - Seal
Terry played this one with just an acoustic guitar during our offering and it provided a really nice feel and contrasted well with the volume and fullness of the rest of the set.

Everything Glorious - David Crowder
This last song we did after the message and during communion. I was curious how it would fit as a communion song, but it fit really well I think. It speaks of redemptive themes that fit well with the active remembrance of the body and blood of Christ. We have done this song a lot in recent weeks, and it really resonates with our church. I've only found it on the most recent Passion album...