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I'm almost finished reading Rick Mckinley's book Jesus in the Margins. I've enjoyed it so far...it is very gospel focused...definitely a book that I would give to a friend who is investigating faith in Christ.

One thing that struck me this week as I was reading was McKinley's repeated use of the word reimagine. He is inviting people...people in the margins to imagine a life where those margins are transformed.

To those with a broken childhood, "Jesus invited us to reimagine life as a child of God." To those who struggle with the idea of God as father, "He invites us to reimagine life in relationship with the perfect father."

All of this imagining got me thinking...we often talk in our staff meetings about the creative techniques of Disney's Imagineering Team. How they use story and creativity to creative immersive environments to their patrons.

In the church we are up to something significantly more eternal than Disney is, but God has still called us to creativity. The leap that has to be made from "no Jesus" to "knowing Jesus" and the reality that entails is pretty huge for most people. Perhaps God has called us in the local church to be on reimagineering teams...working together creatively to help people reimagine their lives in the hands of a loving Savior.