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pd worship day #2

This will be a short one...batteries on the camera were dead...more pics.

Some good sessions again today...lots of good nuggets that I am anxious to apply to my leadership of our team. A great tech session with Lincoln Brewster.

The highlight of the day though was dinner with los and his team from Sandals Church. They are a great bunch of folks, and I was so excited to finally connect with los in person. I love how the blogospere can make connections...we had a great time talking, and sharing about our families. He had some great things to share about how he structures his ministry as well. I was so encouraged to just sit and talk with another worship pastor who is doing church in ways similar to us at History and hearing how they have overcome some the challenges that we are facing.

I also got to meet pat he too hails from the west coast, and got to know los through blogs. He came to dinner with us and I'm looking forward to keeping up with him too.

a good day...

Hey Matt, I noticed that you're here at the PDWC and I just wanted to say hi. Thanks for the updates on the conference.... sorry your camera ran out of batteries.
Here's my stuff http://thewonderfulnoise.com.

- Vic

Hey vic!

thanks for the link...i'll keep checking back! Hope you are enjoying the concert.

Hey Matt...

It was great getting to hang with you at dinner. I had to get back, so I missed the last night and day. Blessings on your family and ministry.


pat...it was so great to meet you! we definitely need to keep in touch...

God bless!


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