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its a race...guess who's winning...

check this out...and vote....
...nice to see things as they should be...music that glorifies God pushing the musical envelope and rising above the fray.

in his words:
first i must say that, "i'm completely astounded." second i must say, "please go vote." i realize voting for a band such as ours is a strange and awkward thing, and i hesitate to ask, but i'm certain it would generate some attention from folks normally uninterested and possibly bearing pessimistic opinions regarding music of this nature. it's just not everyday we can have a voting contest, pitting busta rhymez vs the crowder band. and we must take advantage, yes? it shall be fun and rewarding. so i humbly ask that you click the link and vote and then forward to your friends and family, of course requesting they help you crush mr. busta as well. we love mr. busta dearly, but he has a burgeoning film career and we do not.

yeah, i have been following this for about a week. crowder has been waaay out in front the whole time. the dude is a stud.

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