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nothing like a little automation

I've been in charge of editing and uploading our message audio and podcasts in my tenure here at History. Like many things in life...time and experience is a great teacher.

We started this whole deal with lots of steps in the process...recording, download, edit, upload, edit html and links on website, upload and post to itunes. Too many steps for the average bear to have great success and consistency, and to be quite honest we fell the way of many churches right now. Starting a podcast on itunes and letting it become but a memory and an incomplete list.

I've been working the last couple of weeks to resolve this and coder extraordinare Andrew Luck from History has provided the ultimate solution. He created a tool that will read the information on my uploaded mp3 files and automatically update the html and links on our website and post the information and proper links in itunes. Now I simply edit the message file by adding an intro, and then upload it to the server...the rest just happens. He has even added a streaming audio option on our site...awesome!

I am reminded again of that thing that Paul said in I Corinthians about toes needing arms etc. etc. Awesome when God uses people's gifts to help his church find a groove...

Check us out on itunes...just look for History Church. God has been saying some challenging things through our pastor, Ben.