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lead for growth

I'm coming up on my one year anniversary here at History. It's been an amazing year. Definitely a time of refreshing and blessing after a fairly tough season prior to History at the beginning of my career in full time ministry.

Milestones are always great times for reflection and growth. My wife and I have a small pile of rocks in our garden that we have collected at significant milestone events in our life as a family so that we will remember the things that Lord taught us in the different seasons that He has brought us through. (trying to take a hint from guys like Joshua and Abraham.)

Anyway...this year has been one of big growth for me as well...particularly in the area of leadership. Ben made the comment in a staff meeting a couple of weeks ago, that we need to "lead for growth." Funny statement? Doesn't good leadership naturally produce growth...hmmm...maybe...but I think sometimes church leadership can slip into "lead for survival" or "lead for appeasement" or "lead for applause"

I'm pretty comfortable with the motivating and nurturing aspects in "leading for growth," but the reality is that sometimes growth in an organization and in individuals can only come through difficult decisions that perhaps they won't like. I had to do that on an organizational level just before I came to History...and I have been learning to do that on a personal level this past year as I have dealt with my team. It's tough for me...I'm the nice guy, and have a deep need for people to like me. But sometimes as leaders we have to let that go by the wayside, for the sake of spiritual growth in the people God has called us to lead.

As a side note it has been helpful, that my daughter has just turned two in the midst of this season in my life. I have been learning to discipline and lead as a father in tandem with this development in my leadership and spiritual life.