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i was buzzed...must have had a longer hangover

...because it took me so long to post some photos...

Had a grea time last week at the buzz conference. I especially enjoyed hearing Ed Young speak. His content was great, and I was really challenged as I watched him engage with us as a communicator...he was amazing.

Anyhoo...I was looking over my buzz pictures and I decided not to post the same picture of the buzz logo and the blurry person that everyone else has posted. Seems like we all had the same idea for pictures...I'm sure if someone took a picture from the other direction they would see 300 pastors in jeans and untucked striped shirts all holding up their new treos trying to grab that super sweet shot for their blog.

Yes that was me.

I did take this picture of Tally though in Ebenezer's. What's that on your coffee sleeve Tally? Hmm....

It's amazing what some people can do with photoshop.

Do you see those eyes... That's what I look like at 8am.

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