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flying into a review...

Just downloaded a copy of Charlie Hall's new album Flying Into Daybreak, and all I have to say is wow!

Typically my preference for worship albums is that they are recorded live. Worship tunes are written to sung congregationally and often its a big challenge to communicate them well in a studio recording.

A few folks do this well (Crowder for example) and with this album, I have to admit that Charlie Hall joins the camp of those who can capture the creative freedom that a studio setting lends to an artist and pair it with an amazing spirit of worship that works its way through the music.

I love the arrangements of some of the live songs that I have heard previously such as Marvelous Light and Center. Some of my favorites from the album were Song of the Redeemed and Bravery. Great songs that start to slip out of the worship box a bit, while still being really approachable.

Two big thumbs up from me!!!

Hey Matt. Ran across your site through Pete Kim's.

I think I'm going to have to get this Charlie Hall album. I loved the last one but haven't felt compelled to buy the new. You've intrigued me.

Hey Ben,

Thanks for your comment. I make it over to your blog as well on a fairly frequent basis.

I hadn't gotten this album for a while...for some reason had some of that same reservation, but when I got it...man it knocked my socks off!

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