Tuesday, May 23, 2006

my idol vote

Taylor should win...he's the first contestant on this show I might buy an album from.

...unless they make him sing that terrible "music" the producers chose for the finale!

flying into a review...

Just downloaded a copy of Charlie Hall's new album Flying Into Daybreak, and all I have to say is wow!

Typically my preference for worship albums is that they are recorded live. Worship tunes are written to sung congregationally and often its a big challenge to communicate them well in a studio recording.

A few folks do this well (Crowder for example) and with this album, I have to admit that Charlie Hall joins the camp of those who can capture the creative freedom that a studio setting lends to an artist and pair it with an amazing spirit of worship that works its way through the music.

I love the arrangements of some of the live songs that I have heard previously such as Marvelous Light and Center. Some of my favorites from the album were Song of the Redeemed and Bravery. Great songs that start to slip out of the worship box a bit, while still being really approachable.

Two big thumbs up from me!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just the Guys

So the girls of the Morgan household hit the road for Gloucester this morning to see Tricia's family...so that means its just the guys...er..just me...this weekend.

It'll be lonely without them aroud, but I have plenty to do to prepare for our partnership dinner at History tommorrow. It looks to be a pretty packed night! Awesome!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

lead for growth

I'm coming up on my one year anniversary here at History. It's been an amazing year. Definitely a time of refreshing and blessing after a fairly tough season prior to History at the beginning of my career in full time ministry.

Milestones are always great times for reflection and growth. My wife and I have a small pile of rocks in our garden that we have collected at significant milestone events in our life as a family so that we will remember the things that Lord taught us in the different seasons that He has brought us through. (trying to take a hint from guys like Joshua and Abraham.)

Anyway...this year has been one of big growth for me as well...particularly in the area of leadership. Ben made the comment in a staff meeting a couple of weeks ago, that we need to "lead for growth." Funny statement? Doesn't good leadership naturally produce growth...hmmm...maybe...but I think sometimes church leadership can slip into "lead for survival" or "lead for appeasement" or "lead for applause"

I'm pretty comfortable with the motivating and nurturing aspects in "leading for growth," but the reality is that sometimes growth in an organization and in individuals can only come through difficult decisions that perhaps they won't like. I had to do that on an organizational level just before I came to History...and I have been learning to do that on a personal level this past year as I have dealt with my team. It's tough for me...I'm the nice guy, and have a deep need for people to like me. But sometimes as leaders we have to let that go by the wayside, for the sake of spiritual growth in the people God has called us to lead.

As a side note it has been helpful, that my daughter has just turned two in the midst of this season in my life. I have been learning to discipline and lead as a father in tandem with this development in my leadership and spiritual life.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i was buzzed...must have had a longer hangover

...because it took me so long to post some photos...

Had a grea time last week at the buzz conference. I especially enjoyed hearing Ed Young speak. His content was great, and I was really challenged as I watched him engage with us as a communicator...he was amazing.

Anyhoo...I was looking over my buzz pictures and I decided not to post the same picture of the buzz logo and the blurry person that everyone else has posted. Seems like we all had the same idea for pictures...I'm sure if someone took a picture from the other direction they would see 300 pastors in jeans and untucked striped shirts all holding up their new treos trying to grab that super sweet shot for their blog.

Yes that was me.

I did take this picture of Tally though in Ebenezer's. What's that on your coffee sleeve Tally? Hmm....

nothing like a little automation

I've been in charge of editing and uploading our message audio and podcasts in my tenure here at History. Like many things in life...time and experience is a great teacher.

We started this whole deal with lots of steps in the process...recording, download, edit, upload, edit html and links on website, upload and post to itunes. Too many steps for the average bear to have great success and consistency, and to be quite honest we fell the way of many churches right now. Starting a podcast on itunes and letting it become but a memory and an incomplete list.

I've been working the last couple of weeks to resolve this and coder extraordinare Andrew Luck from History has provided the ultimate solution. He created a tool that will read the information on my uploaded mp3 files and automatically update the html and links on our website and post the information and proper links in itunes. Now I simply edit the message file by adding an intro, and then upload it to the server...the rest just happens. He has even added a streaming audio option on our site...awesome!

I am reminded again of that thing that Paul said in I Corinthians about toes needing arms etc. etc. Awesome when God uses people's gifts to help his church find a groove...

Check us out on itunes...just look for History Church. God has been saying some challenging things through our pastor, Ben.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

team is better

Just got back from a whole day of planning and meeting with our team at History today. It was a great day...our longest meeting yet, but we made some amazing progress in planning for a power packed summer of reaching our community.

It has been awesome to add our new children's director Jen to the team. One more voice has stirred up our creative juices, and we are crankin in the creative productivity area.

Ben has included us all as we discuss and plan in our individual areas, and it has been really helpful to have fresh voices speaking into our ministry areas.

Team is better....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm Alive

I realized I hadn't posted in like a week...ugh! And I was on such a roll.

Anyway...I had a really rough week last week, some leadership issues came to a head in the midst of a really busy week with Ben being out of town. God really used my circumstances to shape me into a better leader...so I'm glad for that. I'll post more when I have processed it all a bit more.

On another note. Off to DC today for the Buzz Conference. Noticed on some of the blogs out there that many folks got in last night. Again I realized how fortunate I am to be living so close to the nations capital.

...well that was a borderline lame post...but more later I promise! :-)