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More Love, More Power

Some of the methods that we use each week to share the love of Jesus with people involves needing to plug lots of stuff in to get more power...(yes I realize the spiritual metaphor and tangent evident here, but I will refrain as this is a very practical/technical post.)

To avoid tripping breakers in the elementary school we are meeting in we have extension cords going everywhere trying to spread the love..and with the addition of some new lighting and sound gear recently I've been a bit skiddish about tripping a breaker in the middle of a service.

This weekend our power worries will come to an end. I just talked with an electrician who is building us a panel that should handle the load of all of our gear, and then some. It will have its own breakers and outlets, an be plugged into a 220V outlet in the kitchen behind our stage at the school.

It wasn't cheap, but it should really help us as we need more power to share more love....