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New Gig Bag (box)

I was recently inspired by Phil Ayers on his Bald Worship Leader Podcast to think about my gig bag. Lately it has just been a plastic bin with who knows what inside...it was tough to move around and tough to find stuff in, and it wasn't stocked all that well.

I went out today and bought a new solution! Its just a tool box that I have converted into a Worship Pastor's ultimate gear resource kit on wheels. I'm so psyched about being more organized! We have been working really hard lately in every area of our setup to be more efficient...and I'm happy to personally get on the band wagon.

Its so important as worship leaders that we work hard to prevent or eliminate distractions from our corporate worship time. This includes things that will distract us as worship leaders, and things that will distract our team. Having the right gear, and being prepared for emergencies is part of that stewardship of our role.

Here are some pics of my sweet new box, I got it at Walmart...its the little things that make me happy!

It even separates into two parts for more storage...going on a smaller gig...need less stuff...just take the top!

Oh yeah...it has wheels...sweet!

I like the organization! I always want to keep something like that in my car, but more like life supplies: a pair of clean clothes, bathing suit, towel, deodorant, bottled water, advil, coffee, batteries, socks, and shoes. Hmmm. Does my list of essentials say something about me being superficial? Oh yeah, and a Bible.

Hey, La and I saw Jason Harrod this weekend. Sigh. Pics on my blog.


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