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managing chord charts...paper paper everywhere!!!

I don't know about you, but when I compose a set list I am fanatical about flow. Inevitably this means that I am transposing songs, and making great use of my capo. This could end up to be a chord chart nightmare, and more paper and typing than I can shake a stick at! I have found some great free software to help me manage all of this thought I thought I'd share with my blogging friends.

I use an open source music management tool called Open Song. You can download it [here]. It was written to be a lyric/chord management tool, as well as basic projection software and set list manager. It does a whole lot for being free ware...thank you open source fanatics!!!

I don't currently use the projection capabilities as they are fairly limited right now, but if you are on a tight budget and want to get started with video projection this might be something to check out. What I do use is the chord and lyric data base. You just have to input your songs into the data base (there are some song packs available for download as well), lyrics and chords, using their coding format (easy to learn) and then you can transpose your entire library at a click of a button.

I often will download chord charts from iwillworship.com or some other similar site and cut and paste songs into my library. Then when I need a song I just find my key and print it out. This makes having charts in the correct key for your bass or piano player a breeze when playing with a capo.

I will then print the charts that open song makes for me to a pdf file (you will need some adobe software...decidedly not free) and post them to webspace for my team to download. I currently use another blogger account for my team to access charts.

I'd love to hear what some other worship leaders are using for this most tedious of endeavors....

Matt, great to meet with you and Ben -- I enjoyed it! Thanks for posting this source. I'll be sure to DL it and check it out... it sounds like it'll be plenty useful for the "flow fanatics" everywhere.

Keep in touch!

"(you will need some adobe software...decidedly not free)" actually....there is a free piece of software that will allow you to create pdf files. pdfcreator creates PDFs from any Windows program. You use it like a printer in Word or any other Windows application (opensong).

thanks for the tip masked man...or woman....

open office also has the ability to create pdf files, but not like the software you are suggesting...this is sure to be a help to many...thanks!!

Hey Matt. Don't know what you've come up with. Our church has a web site with our info on it. We have all our songs in MP3's along with all the chord charts. I play in a church of around 5,000, and very contempory. We have a total of 4 different bands and I think 5 vocal teams. This format has worked well for us so far. I know what you mean by all the paper. I keep mine all in hard drive form, but I'm sure you've got that going on also. Basically, I guess I'm just saying hi! If you want to contact me, I'll set you up with our website so you can look at it and see what we've done. Beyond that, HI!!!

Thanks larvae!

just shot you an email...

I am a worship leader and got tired of all the paper and developed software to use a multiple screen setup to display chord charts. Take a look.

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