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here with me

...when i awake, i am still with You. -psalm 139:18b
I am speaking this week at History from psalm 139. Ben has been doing an awesome series on Truth, and we are concluding it by hitting on some really tough topics, as they relate to God's truth...this week I'm on deck for abortion. Not an easy subject...

I was meditating devotionally on this psalm this morning and the second part of verse 18 nearly jumped off the page at me. What a simple but profound phrase..."when I awake, I am still with You."

We worship, serve and intimately know a God that is not relegated to the relm of dreams, or nirvana, or even heaven...while we can look expenctantly towards heaven, while we can dream and see the goodness of God there...His promise is that He is "here with us." Immanuel.

He matters in what we are doing and experiencing here today...while we're "awake." Seems like good news to me...