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blue like jazz?

shot this picture of our new daughter maddie the other day. some interesting resemblences to mr. "like jazz" himself.

maybe she has a writing carreer ahead of her. or just a series of crushing victories in "donal miller look alike contests."

hey, hey matt. i am in the middle of reading "blue like jazz", i really like it. well, it was actually just solid good until the chapter i just read yesterday. the chapter about the confessional booth. that really shot the book up to great status for me. cause i can so relate to being embarassed for what the terms "christian" and "christianity" mean to far too much of the population. it is humbling to think that God has called us sinners to share His Word. and yet through us and through our mistakes and sins, He still moves.

hey aaron!

glad you like the book...i really enjoyed it as well. miller has some fresh perspectives that really challenged me to have a passion for people to know the Jesus I know. heard him speak about the confession booth at a conference in october...it was really great...

be sure to check out "searching for God knows what" next...i almost liked it better.

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