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Small Groups Change Lives

Here are a couple of shots that I snuck with my new treo during our small group on Sunday night. Small groups are central to how we do ministry and make disciples at History Church. So much that effects the language that we use to talk about our gatherings. Sunday mornings are called "All Group" so that even that gathering is seen as tied to the vision of small groups.

This past Sunday night I saw in a real tangible way why small groups are so important to our church. I asked one of the most successful and mature business leaders in our group, someone who has years of high level government service under his belt (can't tell you more or he'd be forced to kill me) to close our time in prayer. He said he would give it a shot...after he had prayed and we were all just mingling around preparing to head out for the night, he pulled me aside. He said thank you so much...praying out loud was a big deal for him and a real step of faith to be that transparent and vocal in front of everyone regarding his faith.

I was blown away...that wouldn't have happened in his life with out an environment where it was ok to just be who he is in his journey with Christ, and a place that nurtures personal spiritual growth in really practical ways.

Walking with Christ takes practice...its hard at first. Small groups are a great place where we are seeing folks move from wobbly walkers to confident runners in their pursuit of Christ.