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relegated to the corner

I've been thinking lately about worship, and the arts, and how I can foster those things in our church. It struck me today, as I was reading some creative writing by a guy in our church, that while God has really gifted him, and others like him, very often this kind of creative expression goes unnoticed in the church, and never has the opportunity to encourage or edify the rest of the body. The same goes for art...though this is changing with the rise in graphic arts being used in the church. On the whole, beyond music the artistic culture of churches in general today is fairly sterile...and some would argue that would go for the music too...

One of the most amazing expressions of God's grace to us is making us creative people. I love to see that come out in other folks, in ways that are unique to them and how God has gifted them. What are some ways to foster this in the local church?

A Brain Dump:
open mic nights
literary publications
art shows
art nights
poetry in worship (spoken word moments)
responsive readings
art during worship
art during the message
music in the message
pottery classes that make bowls and pots for those in need
creating an in house publisher
building creative team
saying "yes" to creative endeavors
songwriters group
What are your thoughts?