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I had a great practice with our worship band last night. We just really seemed to gel on the songs, and the parts that we worked on, they picked up quick...things just seemed "tight."

It was an interesting observation for me, because this was our first worship rehearsal after a couple of weeks where we had some extra rehearsals for an event we were playing some covers for. I think the distraction from our status quo, and a chance to just play together was really healthy for us.

I'm going to keep that in mind and look for other ways for us to break out of the mold musically, so that we can be more effective in our primary calling of leading folks in worship.

On another note, we also just started reading through a book together, The Unquenchable Worshipper by Matt Redman. The book is great, but more importantly it has stirred great discussion and given us a really solid launching point for our discipleship moments after rehearsal. We only have a short bit of time to talk post rehearsal, and I have been searching for ways to make this really productive. For now this book has really helped.