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a picture is worth a thousand words...

This is a photograph taken by Steve McCoy entitled "Glow." He posted it on his blog with the heading "Greater and Lesser Lights." Awesome Steve!

Reminds me of a fireworks display I once saw that was happening at the same time as some serious heat lightning. God always wins those creative battles. :-) I'm just glad he was gracious enough to give us the ability to make "shadows."

Okay, so it's great to see you updating your site, but I keep checking for updates and pics of your whole family on your morganfamily blog! Come on! (This being from someone who hasn't updated in weeks...)


you wanna know my lame excuse...batteries are dead in my camera...and my most recent pics are locked up in it...i'm such a slacker...buy some batteries!!!

My excuse is that I have over 100 pics on my camera I haven't printed yet, so whenever I take and upload new ones, it takes over 5 minutes to un-check the boxes to download the other 100. Yeah, laziness is good. Tomorrow I'm posting a Ginny birthday special extravaganza (the pics are already on the computer) so you'll have to check it out.


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