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lead...then play

I've discovered and am discovering over and over that worship leading must first be about leadership, and second about music. This isn't denying the fundamental requirement that success in any given area must begin with good raw material (in this case, decent musicianship). If a worship leader is too focused on music and technical things to the detriment of leadership then I think that they have denied their call to lead their team and the congregation into heartfelt, passionate and God honoring worship.

The trend in worship right now is toward an ever increasing excellence in the music. I am so glad for this. My passion for our church is that when people walk into our services that there would be little to difference in quality between what they hear outside of our church and what they hear inside.

The way my priorities break down in getting there is to first grow as a leader, and then as a musician...these are happening simultaneously, but my priorities fall in that order. As a good leader my goal is to surround myself then with folks who are better than me technically and musically, and seek to raise them up as leaders as well. If I am successful the next generation of worship leaders that emerge from History will far surpass where we are now.

lead...then play...