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Just finished talking with a couple of "elders" from the Mormon Church. It was an interesting and frustrating discussion for me. As the conversation progressed I found myself struggling to be gracious. I get so tired of canned phrases and conversations, that are not based on any intellegent or critical scholarship.

Two things that I took away:

1. I need to continually be asking for God's heart toward people. It is easy for me in situations like this to lose my compassion for the people in the midst of my frustration over doctrine.

2. I continually need to be sharp in my own scholarship and scriptural knowledge. These guys came to me with ideas and phrases that were based in so many things other than Scripture. They tied together texts that had nothing to do with each other...and didn't seem to have a grasp of what the Bible actually says. Christ died on the cross that I may have full access to the Father. I want to be a good steward of that access.

Maybe they'll come back...stay tuned...

I always go back to the trinity with the mormons. If Jesus isn't co-equal with the Father then he can't pay the debt I owe the Father. If Jesus isn't eternal then he can't pay an eternal price.

Cool...thanks Joe! They hold their cards pretty tight on the first visit, so we didn't get to talk about any substantive topics of theology. Hoping for another visit.

I love talking to LDS. I usually invite them in if I have a few minutes.

There is always an "older" elder and a "younger" elder. Usually the younger has been out less than a year and tends to not have as much of the canned stuff memorized. I quickly find out which one is which and then talk to the younger.

I ask questions like:
- Where is the final God? (They think that there is an unknown higharchy of gods beyond the god of the bible) Somewhere there has to be one or else they are pluralistic and that's not biblical at all.

- If you restore something... don't you want to take it back to it's original condition? If I restore a 65 Mustang... It's not going to look like an 89 cordoba. (LDS think they are restoring the original church. But their version looks nothing like scripture).

Anyway... there are a bunch more. I love talking with them and NEVER allowing them to get me outside of scripture. As you pointed out... they have no true understanding of scripture. They have a cut-n-paste view of the bible and they have a pretty solid understanding of their book.

BTW... i love your header.

Don't mean to belabor the point but in case your white shirted friends return, there is an interesting article on DNA research and mormonism here: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-mormon16feb16,0,5561316.story?coll=la-home-headlines

wow...thanks Joe...pretty crazy stuff!

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