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My beautiful wife (she's the good looking adult in the picture to the left...her "mini me" there is our daughter Hope) is due to have a scheduled C-Section on Monday, and shortly after 7:30am I'll be a dad for the second time! I am so excited. It will be nice to be through the pregnancy stage, and onto having our new little girl here with us at home.

One of the most interesting things about pregnancy I have discovered is the phenomena of "nesting." With both of our girls I have noticed my wife going crazy with cleaning and decorating, and it intensifies all the more as the day approaches.

I'm not a natural cleaner, so it hasn't so much happened in me...beyond helping my wife when she needs it...but perhaps this new look on my blog is a my little way of "web nesting," in preparation for showing beautiful pictures of my new daughter Maddie, and sharing amazing stories about how God is changing and shaping my life through hers.

Can't wait to introduce you all to her!