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Godly Men

I have been hunkered down in at the hospital for the past couple of days, cherishing the birth of my new daughter. It has been awesome. She is so beautiful and perfect! :-) There is nothing like being a dad!!!!! I snuck home for a bit and left my wife's mom with Tricia for a bit while I took my daughter Hope home for a nap.

Anyway...an amazing thing was that the first three visitors that we have had in the hospital besides my family were three of male senior leaders at History. I was so blessed that these guys made it a priority to visit and celebrate the birth of my daughter! One of them is an ER doc at the hospital we are at, and has totally hooked me up with visits to the physician's lounge. :-) Ben and Gumby came first and prayed over my daughter...it was such an amazing picture of strong, compassionate, and godly leadership.

It is such a privilege to be on a team with such amazing godly men. History is truly blessed.