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Amazing Essay

Well I'm back from vacation and hit the ground running! We spent the weekend putting up the Christmas tree, and eating meals a bit bigger than normal to fill our stretched out stomachs. I'll have to taper it off a bit to get myself back to normal before the Christmas eating begins...I love this time of year. The rest of this week has been hard work preparing for the next couple of weeks. I am speaking this Sunday, the History Kids are singing this Sunday, and our Narnia movie event and outreach are next week. With Ben having to go out of town to see the movie if London (there are theaters this side of the pond man!) there is much to do before he leaves... :-)

We are crazy busy but it is an excited business...God is moving...

...on to the purpose of this post. I'm a bit of an NPR junkie and found this audio essay this week. NPR has such a liberal bent often times, but I love that they let people just speak...the result is sometimes you get clear messages of the genuine love of God on national radio, provided by those with little or no connection to the church...awesome!