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Potential Leaders

A great question from Maxwell's Developing the Leaders Around You:

"Am I selecting this person because of obvious strenghts or because I don't see any glaring weaknesses.
When you look at a potential leader and don't see even one great strength, don't choose him for equipping and development - even if you see no great weaknesses. As tempting as it may be to select that person, don't do it. Why? Because if you do, you are asking for mediocrity."

Wow...that one hit me between the eyes. I think its challenging, especially in contexts like church plants to want to lean towards keeping everything sane. Things seem so out of control most of the time, there is a dangerous temtation to develop leaders who will steady the boat. Choosing leaders that have gifts but have growth areas in other ways makes us work harder as leaders and mentors, but the hard work is worth it.

Maxwell also points out though that character is a non-negotiable in all this. If that is the blaring weakness then, no dice.