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O' to be finished......

I'm having a pretty good day. I just finished a couple of things that have been sitting unfinished for quite a while.

1. Finished reading A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren. Started it a while ago, but in the mean time started too many other books...so it was slow going. It was an interesting read. One of those books that made me cheer at one moment and want to throw it against the wall at another moment. Many of the things that he said I think are needed criticisms for the place we find ourselves in the Church right now. The tough thing about criticism is that sometimes for it to truly be effective it often has to come across as an extreme. McLaren is truly dancing on the fringe...not ready to say that he has jumped over the edge (like many have), but he is dancing on the fringe. He often comes across as sounding very universalist...which I absolutely loathe...such a wimpy position in my mind. But he speaks of pushing through universalist tendencies as well as modernist tendencies into something emergent....that doesn't look like either...a generous orthodoxy? I'm still digesting. One thing that he said at the end of the book that didn't sit well with me is that he referred to universalism as a sort of chemotherapy, that is dangerous and harmful, but perhaps necessary to get us to the next place....hmmm. Anyone else read this one?

2. I also just finished a writing a song that has been in the works for quite a while. I started it last Christmas...it is my first legitimate Christmas song, and I wrote it initially on the piano. Now I don't play the piano so it was great for getting my creative juices going in a new direction, but it didn't hold up over time to finish the song
because my piano skills are seriously lacking. (insert your own leadership/ministry application here) So this year I finished it on the guitar, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with the folks at History this December. Its public debut will come from the mouths of the History Kids.

I love finishing stuff...makes me want to start more...hmmm

Is that the one you were working on when I was there????

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