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Hittin the Road

I'm headed out for a week of R&R this morning. Tricia and I going to drop Hope off with the grandparents, and then we are off to Manteo, NC to stay at a great B&B called the Cameron House Inn. It is in the Outer Banks where we spent our honeymoon 5 years ago this December. Our new daughter Maddie will be born in just three weeks and our anniversary is just 4 days after the birth so this is the last get away and early anniversary celebration. After our time in the outer banks we are back to Va Beach to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents, and then up to Gloucester VA to celebrate with Tricia's parents, and then finally back to NOVA.

What's cool about this trip is that the B&B was a gift from my previous church, and the money that we have to spend on the trip was a blessing from the folks at History...two years worth of pastor appreciation month! I'm so blessed to be in full time ministry...the people God has continually put me around have been absolutely amazing. Sometimes its easy to complain about the sacrifices of ministry...but I'm convinced that its the best kept secret....I have the greatest job in the world! I tell people that all the time...think about it...reading, talking with God, Starbucks, people, music, worship, creativity, nothing ever the same...awesome!

So, I'll miss being away, but really cherish the time with my family...

Happy Thanksgivng to you all!


Stop in and see us! I hope you guys have a great time. You deserve it! =)

I cannot believe it's been FIVE years. FIVE! Where has the time gone?

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