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Fire, Metal, Pottery, and Me

I was talking with the Lord the other day and just going through some things that were on my mind, and He reminded me of something. The image of fire in scripture is often used with metal. Doximadzo is the greek term for burning out the impurities (totally from memory...so correct me if I'm wrong). The idea is that the metal gets heated up...turns soft, and the impurities rise to the top and the metal is left pure. This idea is applied to our lives = sanctification...and so on... The key here is the metal gets soft

Then there is the other image in scripture of God as the potter and us as the clay. (Romans, and other places) A great one for worship songs, and one that really resonates with me. Well I realized something as I was praying. Sometimes I try to redirect the fire that the God is using in my life to soften my "metal" and turn it on the clay. I have a tendancy to say to God, "Nice job! I'm done now! Let's throw this one in the furnace, add a nice glaze, and lets marvel at your handiwork!"

Problem is, that removes Him from the equation for the rest of my life...then I'm just good for sitting on the shelf and looking pretty. God wants to get his hands dirty in my life. To keep adding water (the Holy Spirit) to my clay and continually be involved in my shaping. This keeps me dependent and him in charge...wet clay is pretty floppy on its own.

So my goal is to ask for more of God...if its fire He gives me...point it at the metal...if its water He gives me...point it at the clay...but in all things...stay soft.

sorry for the abstract post...just needed to dump a bit! :-)