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Story Telling

This is a pretty packed week for me. We are taking off tonight to go to the Catalyst conference, so a lot of things are getting smushed into a couple of days. I'm on deck to speak at History this Sunday. One of the convictions that I have about preaching, particularly in our culture today is that we must strive to be great story tellers.

I am so struck by the narrative qualities of Scripture and I think often our tendency is to strip the text of these qualities. I am by no means an expert at this, but I really make it a goal to incorporate a sense of story or narrative into the way that I teach. While preparing today I listened online to one of my favorite radio shows called This American Life. These guys are master story tellers. I love their format, and the flowing of one idea through three different acts (separate stories). I wonder if this kind of thing could be pulled off in a Sunday morning message?