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Seeing Results Already

Ben had some great thoughts on the speakers from Catalyst. My thoughts will be a bit more brief. I loved them...I liked Louie Giglio a bit more than the rest of the team, but I think that was more personality driven than anything. I loved Don Miller...his talk was right out of Blue Like Jazz, but I was again struck by his uncanny way of inspiring me to love other people as Christ does. He challenges people to make friends with people...simple...I complicate things so often...just make friends...I can do that.

The biggest thing that has resonated for me was what happened in our leaders. Its hard to express, but as I interacted with them this Sunday there was a marked change. There was a sense of cohesiveness, and momentum, and unity that was amplified since this trip. We brought another guy that we are hoping to bring onto the leadership team, and I noticed the difference in him especially. His proactiveness in prayer and in involvement Sunday morning and at our small group was awesome. Such a great reminder that there is nothing so valuable to building and solidifying a team as getting away together...having a common goal to achieve away from things that are familiar.

I think my dad new this principle when I was preparing to get married. He really encouraged Tricia and I to go somewhere unfamiliar for our Honeymoon, because the sense of unfamiliarity would cause us to look to one another for support. What an amazingly simple, but affective principle. We are seeing that played out right now at History.