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Portable Church Thoughts

We had our final meeting with Don from portable church this morning. Check out what Ben had to say about it all, but here are my thoughts. We had to pay this guy some decent money to come out, and I wondered a bit if it would truly be worth it, regardless of what if we proceeded with the purchase.

I was pleasantly surprised...the amount of work this guy did in the two days he was here was amazing. He now knows more about our facility than we do. He was talking about parts of the facility like it was his own house. And in our meeting today he produced detail schematics, and possible layouts all drawn to scale....pretty great. More than that though, he had great suggestions about how we could proceed that pushed us to think outside the box that we were in.

I was especially excited when he started talking about the options we have for our live sound, and his recommendations for that. He is an experienced sound engineer and really knows how to speak a musicians language, so each of his recommendations were music to my ears! Though the price tags that he gave us may cause us to proceed slower than my dreams would like...but it was still great to dream a bit, and it was really helpful to explore what was possible and what is really possible for our situation.

Great things are in store!