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Measures of Success

I was in a funk on Sunday...well not a funk...just not really feeling like I had it all together. I had a cold that was still lingering, was feeling tired, not sure about my song selection and unsure if things were going to go well.

All through the worship set, I was worrying about my playing and my execution, and I remember praying as I lead, "Lord please use me today in spite of me...I have nothing to give...please use me." I sat down and didn't feel a whole lot different. Ben spoke...and was on fire...God was really speaking through him, but I still didn't feel a whole lot different about worship.

Then as the day progressed I had several people remark to me that God had really ministered to them in a significant way during our worship set. I am always amazed at the times that God chooses to move. In our weakness he is strong...

I was reminded today that it is not me who is in charge...perhaps my feelings of inadequacy made my heart ripe to allow God to move. It is essential in ministry that we keep a posture of surrender...total surrender...and I think we will be surprised at what God will do...and it may even change our measures of success.

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Hey Matt IM Angel from Puerto Rico
God is using you a lot, keep on going. Im a worship leader and you always inspired our worship team to do new things in our church.
And we want you to come to Puerto Rico some time!!! by the way....good article!!

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