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Where I Live

There was a black Corvette parked outside my living room window today. It was beautiful...very soon after I noticed it a man came out and spent the next 30 minutes carefully polishing it with a soft rag. I think he was a friend of my neighbor, because he soon came out and started polishing his Porsche Boxter. There they were, talking and laughing...and caressing their cars.

While this scene was happening just three cars down, another neighbor emerged and walked towards his car. In his hand were two strips of duct tape...ready for action. He walked determinedly to his Geo Metro and applied it to the only spot around the perimeter of the windshield that didn't already have duct tape. Having secured his windshield once again, he got in and drove off.

The other guys kept cleaning and caressing...

This is where I live. It was such a fitting picture of this community. Whether a struggle to just make it, or a pursuit of excess, this is a culture that has "things" on the front of its mind. Our job is to find ways to communicate how the gospel intersects and satisfies both ranges of the perspective.

Lord, You are more precious than silver
Lord, You are more costly than gold

Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds
And nothing I desire compares with You