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We have a TV in our bedroom

Ok there has been a long running battle between my wife and I over the tv in our bedroom. She likes a peaceful sanctuary, and I like design shows...crud. She is right and I am wrong...again...it has driven me to blog in bed so that she can get some sleep. "Trading Spaces is probably a rerun anyway." :-)

Just watched House of Flying Daggers tonight. Amazing. It was decidedly one of the most visually stunning movies I ever seen. Probably doesn't compare to Mark's viewing choice for the weekend, and he had some spiritual things to say, but I thought the movie was amazing!

While crusing the blogs I stumbled onto my friend Justin's blog. He rarely posts, but this one struck my funny bone...and made me sad all that same time. When will we get it?

Finally, the serious thing on my mind lately. I just got back in touch with a friend of mine from college. I had heard that she was doing mission work, but didn't have many details. Come to find out she is living, working and ministering in Baghdad right now. She has an awesome blog, that really puts things into perspective. Check it out and pray for her.

Two things came to mind when I talked with her about what she was doing over there. First...I am a whiner...I just have to laugh at the things that I get frustated over or that I complain about. Hearing what she is giving up for the sake of the gospel, and hearing how her heart breaks for those folks in Iraq, challenges me so much. After all I don't have to worry about car bombs...just terrible traffic. Second...I am so in awe of the greatness of God. He has called me into mission as well. True it is not as sexy or dangerous as Baghdad, but people here in Northern Virginia need Jesus just as badly. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in "church" and forget that we are called as missionaries, partnering with God in His redemptive mission. His plans and goals are not small. He is using the body of Christ all over the world. What an amazing thing to be a part of that, and talk with friends who are in the trenches on the other side of the world.

Well that's what's on my mind tonight...

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