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A Trip Home

Spending the day home alone today. Just got back from making the rounds with Hope and Tricia to see the grand parents. We went to Va Beach first to see my parents, and had an amazing dinner of crab cakes and asparagus, with carrot and ginger soup as a starter...I love my mom! That was Sunday...we got up and around noon hiked up to Gloucester to see Tricia's parents. Tricia ended up staying with her parents until tomorrow, so she and her mom can make Hope a "candy corn" costume for the Neighborhood Halloween party we are going to next month. (a very cool thing by the way...see ben's blog for details)

While making this whirlwind tour I was really struck by the sense of history that develops in each of our families...we really are creating a legacy. We hear stories from our parents and grandparents, and in turn tell them to our children...good and bad, we need to hear these stories, and then as Christian parents allow God's redemptive story to color and shape our understanding of these stories and how we create new ones for our children.

Walking through my parent's house I my dad (who does photography on the side) showed me a portrait of my grandmother that he did for her funeral...it was amazing...captured in a rare moment a personality in her that I had not seen in a long time...the picture told a story.

At Tricia's parent's house there are pieces of their family history all over...I put up some pictures below. I also got to see some of her dad's art...wow. All of this gave me such a sense of connectedness though...and challenged me to be a good steward of this story...and of God's story in it all to my kids...and their kids...and hopefully their kids! :-)