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Some times we don't see...

History Church exists to "make disciples who can make disciples of Jesus Christ," bottom line. The engine that we use to see this happen and to measure our success is small groups. I fully believe in this vision and this tactic to achieve this vision, small group settings are the best vehicle for people experiencing life change. The goal is pretty simple. Meet in small groups...help people to grow in their faith, through relationships, prayer, worship, Bible study, and then raise up new leaders and reproduce. A pretty simple and effective system...idealy...

Ben and I were talking the other day about this issue of multiplying generations of small groups and he brought up that the Navigators have never been successful in getting past 5 generations. I wouldn't use that statistic to say the Navigators are not successful in making disciples, but rather that their measurable matrix of official small group multiplication does not tell the whole story.

I met with a guy this morning who was baptized this summer and has been on quite the journey of discovering what it means to follow Jesus. In the few months that I have been on staff here at History I can see tangible and marked change in this guy's life. I had a book out on the table, and he asked what it was. When I told him (The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge), he said "Oh yeah I'm reading a book by that guy" This blew me away...I knew this guy was a reader, but Wild at Heart just didn't seem to me to be a book he would ever pick up on his own, and we weren't doing that book in any of our small groups. As I probed a bit further he told me that two other guys in our church...college guys...had pursued him and asked if he would like to read and discuss this book with him. They had done this all by themselves. Disciples making disciples...outside of our matrix...beautiful.

I think one of the things that necessarily has to happen for our programs to work is that outside of the programs, the vision has to work and has to be part of the culture of the community. This was a great example to me that some of the folks at History are getting it. Its my prayer that not only will the measurable things that we are after by God's direction be successful, but that those immeasurable, catalytic, vision embracing, disciple making encounters between folks will happen more and more. Then Fairfax County will see more of Jesus...

Very cool what God is doing there. You helped me "get it" a little better this morning. Thanks.

Thanks for your encouragement Kevin! I am often challenged and inspired by your passion for ministry as I read what's happening in your life. Keep it up!

Isn't it amazing to be "in process" with God. I am shocked sometimes that he uses guys like us.

AS I read the Bible and see God using the people who are probably the "last person qualified to do something", I think "Hey, that's me." Then I still wonder why God wants to use me. It is amazing. I didn't know you read my stuff. That is sweet! I downloaded your last sermon and look forward to listening to it. I think I left it in my wife's car. Keep up all the great work you are doing. I'm praying for all of you.

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