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Probably the most significant thing that has marked my ministry and my growth in ministry has been the presence of older pastors and Godly men whom I have sought out or who have sought me out to invest in my life and mentor me in ministry. I can't express what a tremendous difference this has made. I just talked to one of them last night...

Sometimes I let this priority in my life slide, and realized last night that I hadn't talked much with some of the essential voices in my life in while. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who has been "through it" and has a vested interest in seeing me succeed and grow. In turn, its my goal and prayer that I can do this in other folks lives...If I'm not doing it, then in many ways I feel like I am squandering the investment of those who have poured into me.
One interesting thing that I have learned through the years that I have spent in mentoring relationships, is that each guy has his specialty. (duh...I know...but its good to remember sometimes) I think this what the Bible means when it says there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. One voice in my life is an incredible pastor, teacher and shepherd, another is an incredible church planting strategist and coach, another has his PhD in theology, others have been great in guiding my personal discipleship. I realized today that I have not yet had the opportunity to spend time with an older worship leader that is like minded, but will stretch me. So I think I will pray for this...I have met with other leaders...even more experienced leaders, but I haven't found that one that clicks with me.

I emailed Matt Redman today and asked him if he would take the time talk with me for an hour every 2 months. Don't know if he would ever respond to something like that, or if I even had the right address, but I figured it was worth making the "ask." I'm going to pray that if it isn't him, that the Lord will bring the right man to speak into my life in this area.