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It's Raining....Musicians

Moving up here has been awesome, but I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by the task of building a team of committed and talented musicians from scratch in a community where I knew no one. I knew that it would only happen with patience, support and lots of prayer.

Well we prayed, and were patient and I have to admit that I have had more than a fair share of patience and support from Ben in all of this, but things are finally starting to move a bit. This past Thursday we had two new musicians to fill key spots on the team show up for practice. They gelled quickly with the team, and were willing to spend a couple of weeks getting to know us and set up before we cut them loose in front of the congregation.

What is interesting to me about all this is how I have interacted with God in it all. I have certainly been praying, but I so often struggle with having faith that God will actually pull through...I mean I do have faith, or I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing, but sometimes it doesn't translate to my emotions, or even to my head, and once again I have been startled by God's provision.

I want to be a man of giant faith...but I am fearful of that desire, because I think that God will continually put me in places where faith is necessary...I hate those places, but it sure is fun when He comes through.